You don’t have to have this experience buying white sleigh beds

Finding the perfect furniture for a house can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider, price, durability, style. My husband and I found ourselves in this situation when we were looking for furniture for our guest bedroom. We live in the country and our home is decorated in a rustic country theme. To [...]

Why you should consider a white bunk bed?

Clean, Crisp, White Beds
Nothing says clean and crisp in a bedroom like the choice of white furniture. Guest rooms that have white beds allow you to change the bedding and curtains as the seasons or your tastes change too. Darker colours look nice in the fall and winter months and pastels with lighter weight fabrics [...]

Gloss & French Style White Beds

If you are a fan of home magazines, you might have noticed the increased trend in romantic looking bedrooms. To obtain this look, consumers are returning to more decorative styles and lighter colours. A popular style of furniture that is experiencing a revival is the classical French look. In particular, the French white bed, sometimes [...]

Wood types used to make white beds

Kids love those wild looking colours. This is pretty evident when entering one of their fantasy lands called a bedroom. It’s great that they do have colours that excite the imagination. But it’s a good idea to have some balance in their bedrooms as well.
A good way to keep things neutral is by having white [...]

Why French Style White Beds Make an Elegant Option

When you are looking for a new bed for your bedroom, you will be presented with a wide range of options both in traditional furniture stores and web shops. This is the reason why you need to have a good idea of what to look for; otherwise, the task will become a daunting one. Some [...]

Use White Beds to Promote Emotional Well-being

In this day and age, stress is already a major part of everyday living. Even toddlers and older kids can go through stress not only outside but also inside the home. To lessen stress as much as you can, it is of utmost importance to create a relaxing effect in the bedroom because it is [...]

Achieve a Look of Elegance Using White Beds

Without doubt, pristine white beds can help create a classy and elegant appeal to bedrooms. Because of the versatility of white beds, they can be used for all seasons, themes and interior designs. If visual appeal is what you are after, then make it happen to your bedroom by using these pieces of furniture which [...]

Create a Romantic Bedroom with French-style White Beds

Romantic. Classic. Elegant. These are some words that couples want to be able to use in describing their bedrooms. But there is no better way to achieve this look than with French-style white beds and bedroom furnishings.
For the average couples who have to balance their finances, it would be impractical to spend too much [...]

How to Choose the Perfect White Beds

With the availability of hundreds of designs in the market these days, choosing white sleigh beds can be very intimidating especially for those who are not familiar with the basics of bedroom decorating. But with the right guide, the task can become easier to accomplish.
White beds are very popular as of late and it is [...]

White Beds Go with Any Décor

Of the many places inside the house, the bedroom gets redecorated all too often. And almost always, the challenge in the task of redecorating bedrooms is matching the bed with the decors that you want to use to make the room look different and more appealing. But you will never encounter such a problem if [...]