Gloss & French Style White Beds

If you are a fan of home magazines, you might have noticed the increased trend in romantic looking bedrooms. To obtain this look, consumers are returning to more decorative styles and lighter colours. A popular style of furniture that is experiencing a revival is the classical French look. In particular, the French white bed, sometimes simply referred to as white gloss beds due to the characteristic luster finish, is currently in great demand for use in both casual and formal homes. French white beds are characterized by elegant curves and ornate features, providing a sense of luxuriousness to a bedroom.

Although a variety of French white beds are available, certain styles appear more popular than others. Among the most frequently requested designs of white gloss beds is the French style rattan bed. One of the simpler designs, this bed is characterized by gentle curves decorated with the intricate carvings French white beds are known for. The rattan is decoratively framed at the head and foot, adding a delicate look to the piece.

Another popular style of French beds with a simpler design is the white sleigh bed. This bed characteristically sweeps into swirling scrolls at the head and foot, which are often handsomely carved. The headboard sits higher than the foot board resembling the classic horse drawn sleigh for which it is named.

One of the more ornate styles of French white beds is the Loire bed. Composed of elaborately curved panels and posts, intricate baroque floral carvings are often added as design elements. The headboard’s shape creates a whimsical touch as it is intended to suggest the form of angels’ wings.

So for those looking for a bed that provides a romantic look and sumptuous feel, the French white bed will meet those desires. Whether you prefer simple or ornate there are a number of options to choose from. The finish on these gloss white beds will also really brighten up any bedroom.