You don’t have to have this experience buying white sleigh beds

Finding the perfect furniture for a house can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider, price, durability, style. My husband and I found ourselves in this situation when we were looking for furniture for our guest bedroom. We live in the country and our home is decorated in a rustic country theme. To match this theme we decided that it would be perfect to go with white furniture.

We spent alot of time looking but we found the perfect bedside table, wardrobe, and chest of drawers. The only thing that we needed to compare now where white beds. This turned out to be a challenge. We started at basic stores like Walmart and Target. To our surprise neither one of those stores had white beds.

We decided to google “white beds” to get a better idea of what we were looking for. After hundreds of pictures we decided that white sleigh beds were what we loved. Google gave us links to a couple sights that offered white sleigh beds. So we were on our way to Pottery Barn, Ashley Furniture, and Levin’s Furniture. When we got to Pottery Barn there were sleigh white beds all over! They were beautiful but also very expensive. We then ventured on the Ashley Furniture. We were disappointed to find out that the white sleigh beds were not kept in stock and we could only view them in a catalog. I had a a hard time picturing the beds so we left and headed to Levin’s Furniture. Levin’s Furniture was a typical furniture store bursting at the seems with everything from couches to decrotive vases. In the corner of the store we saw the perfect selection of sleigh white beds. This was were we found our dream white sleigh bed.